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A Sound of Thunder

  1. annihilate:(verb) to destroy completely
  2. expendable:(adjective) dispensable; unnecessary
  3. infinitesimally:(adverb) in steps so small as to be immeasurable or incalculable
  4. primeval:(adjective) belonging to the earliest times or ages
  5. resilient:(adjective) capable of bouncing or springing back to an original shape after being stretched, bent or compressed
  6. revoke:(verb) to cancel or withdraw
  7. sheathed:(adjective) enclosed in a protective covering sheathe (verb)
  8. subliminal:(adjective)below the level of awareness; subconscious
  9. taint:(noun) a trace of something that harms, spoils or corrupts
  10. undulate:(verb) to move in waves or in a smooth, wavelike motion
The Californian's Tale
  1. balmy:(adjective) soothingly fragrant, mild and pleasant
  2. boding:(noun) a warning or omen about the future, especially of evil bode(verb)
  3. desolation:(noun) the state of being empty, deserted, or forlorn; barrenness; loneliness
  4. furtive:(adjective) having a hidden motive or purpose
  5. grizzled:(adjective)streaked with or partly gray
  6. imploring:(adjective) begging; making an urgent appeal implore(verb)
  7. predecessor:(noun) someone who came before and has been replaced by another
  8. sedate:(adjective) serenely deliberate, composed, and dignified
  9. sever:(verb) to cut or break off
  10. supplicating:(adjective) humbly or sincerely asking, begging, or praying supplicate(verb)
One Thousand Dollars
  1. acquaint:(verb) to inform; familiarize
  2. disreputable:(adjective) having a bad reputation; not respectable
  3. encumber:(verb) to burden
  4. expenditure:(noun) an act of spending
  5. genially:(adverb) in a friendly manner
  6. pendant:(noun) a piece of jewelry made to hang from a necklace or bracelet
  7. precariousness:(noun) insecurity; uncertainty
  8. prudent:(adjective) characterized by good judgment
  9. stipulate:(verb) to state as a condition; specify
  10. venerable:(adjective) worthy of respect by virtue of age or dignity
Getting A Job
  1. ascend:(verb) to rise; climb
  2. charade:(noun) an ill disguised pretense
  3. comprehend:(verb) to understand
  4. dexterous:(adjective) skillful; clever
  5. diametrically:(adverb) in complete opposition
  6. haphazardly:(adverb) in an aimless or random manner
  7. haughty:(adjective) proud; arrogant
  8. hypocrisy:(noun) a pretense of being what one is not; falsehood
  9. ostensibly:(adverb) apparently; supposedly
  10. terse:(adjective) brief; concise
Everyday Use
  1. deliberately:(adverb) as a result of careful thought
  2. doctrine:(noun) a principle or rule taught by a religious, political, or philosophic group
  3. furtive:(adjective) sneaky, shifty, or secretive
  4. oppress:(verb) to keep down by the cruel or unjust use of power or authority
  5. sidle:(verb) to move sideways, especially in a shy or sneaky way
The Pit and the Pendulum
  1. discordant:(adjective) marked by a harsh mixture of sounds
  2. eloquent:(adjective) vividly expressive
  3. encompass:(verb) to surround; enclose
  4. imperceptible:(adjective) impossible to perceive; unnoticeable
  5. insuperable:(adjective) impossible to overcome
  6. lethargy:(noun) sluggishness; unconsciousness
  7. lucid:(adjective) clear
  8. pertinacity:(noun) a persistent stubbornness
  9. potent:(adjective) powerful
  10. relapse:(verb) to fall back into a former state
  11. resolution:(noun) determination
  12. stealthily:(adverb) in a quiet, secretive way
  13. supposition:(noun) an opinion or assumption
  14. treacherous:(adjective) dangerous
  15. voracity:(noun) greed for food
from Night
  1. din:(noun) a jumble of loud noises
  2. emaciated:(adjective) extremely thin, especially as a result of starvation emaciate
  3. interminable:(adjective) endless or seemingly endless
  4. notorious:(adjective) having a widely known, usually very bad reputation
  5. stature:(noun) a person's height
The White Heron
  1. discreetly:(adverb) in a manner showing good judgment; cautiously
  2. elusive:(adjective) hard to catch or discover
  3. ponderous:(adjective) very heavy; bulky
  4. squalor:(noun) a filthy and wretched condition
  5. traverse:(verb) to travel or pass across, over, or through