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Speech In Virginia Convention

  1. adversary:(noun) an opponent

  2. formidable:(adjective) difficult to defeat

  3. insidious:(adjective) treacherous

  4. invincible:(adjective) unbeatable

  5. irresolution:(noun) uncertainty; indecision

  6. martial:(adjective) warlike

  7. spurn:(verb) to reject scornfully

  8. subjugation:(noun) control by conquering

  9. tyrannical:(adjective) harsh; oppressive

  10. vigilant:(adjective) alert; watchful

What Is An American?

  1. allurement:(noun) attraction; enticement

  2. despotic:(adjective) like a dictator

  3. kindred: (noun) relatives or family

  4. servile:(adjective) humbly submissive; slavish

  5. subsistence:(noun) livelihood

from Civil Disobedience

  1. blunder:(noun) a mistake

  2. conclude:(verb) to arrive at a judgment or decision

  3. confront:(verb)to come up against; meet face to face

  4. conscientious:(adjective) guided by conscience; honest

  5. endeavor:(verb) to make an earnest effort; strive

  6. flourish:(verb) to thrive

  7. inexpedient:(adjective) not useful for achieving a goal

  8. meditation:(noun) a though or reflection

  9. multitude:(noun) a great number of people

  10. unscrupulous:(adjective) without principles; dishonorable

The Masque of the Red Death

  1. contagion:(noun) the spreading of disease

  2. courtier:(noun) a member of the royal court

  3. dauntless:(adjective) fearless

  4. grotesque:(adjective)having a bizarre, fantastic appearance

  5. impetuosity:(noun) unthinking action

  6. license:(noun) a lack of restrictions on behavior; freedom

  7. pervade:(verb) to spread throughout

  8. sagacious:(adjective) wise

  9. tangible:(adjective) able to be touched or felt

  10. untenanted:(adjective) not occupied

Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

  1. decrepit:(adjective) weakened, worn out, or broken down by old age or hard use

  2. deferential:(adjective) extremely respectful

  3. dispute:(verb) to question or doubt

  4. efface:(verb) to wipe out; erase

  5. exhilaration:(noun) a lively delight)

  6. exultingly:(adverb) in a joyful and triumphant way

  7. stigma:(noun) a mark of disgrace)

  8. transient:(adjective) lasting or existing for only a short time

  9. tremulous:(adjective) marked by trembling, quivering, or shaking

  10. venerable:(adjective) worthy of respect because of age, dignity, or character

A Rose For Emily

  1. circumvent:(verb) to avoid or get around by clever maneuvering

  2. coquettish:(adjective) flirtatious

  3. dank:(adjective) unpleasantly damp; moist and chilly

  4. diffident:(adjective) shy and timid; lacking self-confidence

  5. divulge:(verb) to make known something private

  6. edict:(noun) an order put out by a person in authority

  7. encroach:(verb) to advance beyond original limits; intrude

  8. obliterate:(verb) to wipeout, leaving no trace

  9. obscure:(verb) to hide or block from view

  10. pallid:(adjective) abnormally pale

  11. profoundly:(adverb) deeply; intensely

  12. tedious:(adjective) boring because of dullness

  13. temerity:(noun) foolish boldness

  14. thwart:(verb) to block or hinder; prevent the fulfillment of

  15. virulent:(adjective) extremely poisonous or harmful

A Wagner Matinee

  1. callow:(adjective) lacking adult maturity or experience; immature

  2. conjecture:(verb) to make judgment on the basis of uncertain evidence; guess

  3. excruciatingly:(adverb) in a way that causes great pain or distress

  4. inexplicable:(adjective) difficult or impossible to explain

  5. pathetic:(adjective) arousing pity or compassion

  6. pious:(adjective) having or showing reverence for God

  7. reproach:(noun) an expression of blame or disapproval

  8. sordid:(adjective) wretched; dirty; morally degraded

  9. superficially:(adverb )in a shallow way; concerned only with what is obvious

  10. trepidation:(adverb) fearful uncertainty or worry

How It Feels To Be Colored Me

  1. deplore:(verb) to eel strong disapproval of or deeply regret

  2. extenuating:(adjective) lessening a fault by serving as a partial excuse; extenuate(verb)

  3. rend:(verb) to tear or split apart violently

  4. specter:(noun) a ghostly vision; phantom

  5. veneer:(noun) a thin surface layer that conceals what is below

The Death of A Hired Man

  1. abide:(verb) to put up with

  2. assurance:(noun) self-confidence

  3. beholden:(adjective) obliged to feel grateful; indebted

  4. harbor:(verb) to shelter; protect

  5. taut:(adjective) pulled tight; straight

Letter From Birmingham Jail

  1. affiliate:(noun) a person or organization associated with another

  2. appraisal:(noun) evaluation

  3. cognizant:(adjective) aware

  4. diligently(:adverb) in a perservering, painstaking manner

  5. estrangement:(noun) separation; alienation

  6. latent:(adjective) existing in a hidden form

  7. provocation:(noun) something that arouses anger

  8. retaliating:(noun) taking revenge retaliate (verb)

  9. segregated:(adjective) separated according to race; segregate:(verb)

  10. statue:(noun) law

Straw Into Gold

  1. avalanche:(noun) an overwhelming amount

  2. document:(verb) to provide a detailed account of

  3. edible:(adjective) fit to eat

  4. intuitively:(adverb) without thinking

  5. venture:(verb) dare to go