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A Modest Proposal

  1. animosity: (noun) hostile; hatred

  2. deference: (noun) courteous regard or respect

  3. deplorable: (adjective) miserable: woeful

  4. emulation: (noun) an effort to equal or outdo another person; rivalry

  5. encumbrance: (noun) burden

  6. expedient: (noun) a means to an end

  7. perpetual: (adjective) everlasting; continual

  8. prodigious: (adjective) enormous

  9. proficiency: (noun) competence; expertise

  10. rudiment: (noun) a basic principal or skill

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

  1. affectation: (noun) unnatural behavior: conduct intended to give a false impression

  2. concurring: (adjective) occurring at the same time; acting together

  3. feign: (verb) to give a false appearance of: simulate or counterfeit

  4. grovel: (verb) to behave with exaggerated submission of humility

  5. ignoble: (adjective) not noble; degrading; contemptible

  6. languid: (adjective) sluggish, weak

  7. solicitude: (noun) care or concern

  8. specious: (adjective) attractive in a deceptive or insincere way

  9. subordinate: (adjective) less important; lower in rank

  10. vivacity: (noun) liveliness

The Rocking Horse Winner

  1. career: (verb) to move at full speed; rush

  2. inconsiderable: (adjective) not worth consideration; insignificant

  3. obscure: (adjective) not well-known; undistinguished

  4. parry: (verb) to respond by turning aside or evading a question or argument

  5. remonstrate: (verb) to protest or object


  1. garrulous: (adjective) rambling in speech; tiresomely talkative

  2. imperturbable: (adjective) not easily disturbed; calm

  3. litany: (noun) a repetitive chant or recital

  4. luxuriate: (verb) to take great delight

  5. pervade: (verb) to spread throughout; completely fill

The Duchess and the Jeweler

  1. arrogance: (noun) overbearing pride; exaggerated self-importance

  2. astute: (adjective) clever; shrewd

  3. forge: (verb) to form, shape or produce

  4. lissome: (adjective) easy and graceful in movement

  5. obsequiously: (adverb) in subservient or fawning manner

The Speeches, May 19, 1940

  1. animate: (verb) to encourage; motivate

  2. dogged: (adjective) persistent; stubborn

  3. gravity: (noun) seriousness; importance

  4. indomitable: (adjective) not easily discouraged or defeated; unconquerable

  5. retaliate: (verb) to take revenge; pay back in kind