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The Necklace

  1. adulation:(noun) excessive praise or flattery

  2. aghast:(adjective) filled with shock or horror

  3. askew:(adjective) crooked; to one side

  4. exorbitant:(adjective) much too high; excessive

  5. gamut:(noun) the entire range or series of something

  6. pauper:(noun) a poor person, especially one who depends on public charity

  7. privation:(noun) lack of basic necessities or comfort of life

  8. prospects:(noun) chances or possibilities, especially for success or profit

  9. ruinous:(adjective) bringing ruin or downfall; disastrous

  10. vexation:(noun) anger or annoyance

The Most Dangerous Game

  1. affable:(adjective) friendly, pleasant, and easy to talk to

  2. amenity:(noun) something that adds to one's comfort of convenience

  3. condone:(verb) to overlook, forgive, or disregard

  4. deplorable:(adjective) deeply regrettable; unfortunate

  5. disarming:(adjective) removing or overcoming suspicion; inspiring confidence

  6. droll:(adjective) amusingly odd or comical

  7. elude:(verb) to escape, especially by means of daring, cleverness or skill

  8. imperative:(adjective) absolutely necessary

  9. quarry:(noun) the object of a hunt; prey

  10. scruple:(noun) an uneasy feeling arising from one's conscience of principles

  11. solicitously:(adjective) expressing care or concern

  12. stamina:(noun) physical or moral strength; endurance

  13. tangible:(adjective) capable of being touched or felt; having actual form or substance

  14. uncanny:(adjective) so remarkable as to seem supernatural

  15. zealous:(adjective) intensely devoted and enthusiastic


  1. bravado:(noun) a false show of courage or defiance

  2. compassion :( noun) deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

  3. degradation:(noun) a decline to a lower condition, with loss of dignity

  4. futile:(adjective) having no useful result; without effect

  5. impotent:(adjective) powerless; lacking strength or vigor

  6. impoverished: (adjective) poor

  7. perverse:(adjective) stubbornly contrary; wrong; harmful

  8. poignantly:(adverb) a profoundly moving manner

  9. squalor:(noun) a filthy and wretched condition

  10. stoicism:(noun) indifference to pleasure or pain; not showing emotion

The Cask of Amontillado

  1. accost: (verb) to approach and speak to in an aggressive or hostile manner

  2. destined: (adjective) determined beforehand; destine: (verb) fated

  3. fetter: (verb) to restrain with chains or shackles

  4. implore: (verb) to beg, earnestly ask for

  5. impunity: (noun) freedom from punishment, penalty or harm

  6. preclude: (verb) to make impossible, especially by taking action in advance; present

  7. repose: (verb) to lie dead or at rest

  8. subside: (verb) to become less agitated or active; lessen

  9. termination: (noun) the end of something; limit or edge

  10. virtuoso: (noun) characteristic of a person with masterly knowledge or skill

from Angela's Ashes

  1. clamoring: (adjective) making loud demands; crying out clamor(verb)

  2. exception: (noun) a case in which a rule does not apply

  3. induced: (adjective) persuaded, influenced induce(verb)

  4. pagan: (adjective) non-Christian

  5. perfidy: (noun) dishonesty, treachery

  6. potent: (adjective) powerful

  7. privilege: ( noun) a special benefit or advantage

  8. recite: (verb) to say out loud something memorized

  9. relapse: (noun) a worsening of an illness after a partial recovery

  10. torrent: (noun) a rushing stream

A Christmas Memory

  1. cavort:(verb) to leap or romp about

  2. conspiracy:(noun) a joining or acting together in a secret way, often with wrongful motives

  3. exhilarate:(verb) to make merry or lively

  4. garish:(adjective) too bright or gaudy

  5. goad:(verb) to urge

  6. inaugurate:(verb) to make formal beginning of

  7. noncommittal:(adjective) not revealing one's opinion or purpose

  8. prosaic:(adjective) dull; commonplace

  9. sever:(verb) to cut off

  10. squander:(verb) to spend or use wastefully

I Have A Dream/ Glory and Hope

  1. amnesty:(noun) a general pardon, especially one granted by a government to people who have committed political offenses

  2. default:(verb) to fail to keep a promise, especially a promise to repay a loan

  3. discord:(noun) a harsh mixture of sounds; conflict

  4. inextricably:(adverb) in a way impossible to untangle

  5. intimately:(adverb) closely

  6. legitimate:(adjective) justifiable; reasonable

  7. mobility:(noun) an ability to move(as from one social class to another)

  8. pernicious:(adjective) deadly; harmful

  9. reconciliation:(noun) a return to a state of friendship or harmony

  10. sustain:(verb) to keep alive; support

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

  1. aristocrat:(noun) a person held in high standing for superior tastes and manners

  2. aura:(noun) unique but indefinable atmosphere that surrounds a person, object, or event

  3. cascading:(verb) falling or flowing, like a waterfall

  4. essence:(noun) the basic or most important quality

  5. familiarity:(noun) behavior that implies a close friendship

  6. illiteracy:(noun) a lack of ability to read and write

  7. incessantly:(adverb) continuously; nonstop

  8. infuse:(verb) to inject, add to

  9. sacrilegious:(adjective) disrespectful toward a sacred person, place, or thing

  10. sophistication:(noun) the state of being experienced; maturity

To Build A Fire

  1. anesthetic:(noun) a drug used to kill pain or to make a patient unconscious during surgery

  2. apathetically:(adverb) with little interest or emotion

  3. appeasingly:(adverb) in a way intended to soothe angry feelings

  4. appendage:(noun) something attached to a larger object

  5. ensue:(verb) to occur as a result; follow

  6. extremity:(noun) a hand or foot

  7. intangible:(adjective) difficult to perceive; vague

  8. peremptorily:(adverb) in a commanding manner

  9. smite:(verb) to strike; past tense- smote

  10. undulation:(noun) a wavelike shape

The Scarlet Ibis

  1. careen:(verb) to rush carelessly

  2. doggedness:(noun) persistence; stubbornness

  3. exotic:(adjective) excitingly strange

  4. heresy:(noun) as action or opinion contrary to what is generally thought of as right

  5. imminent:(adjective) about to occur

  6. infallibility:(noun) an inability to make errors

  7. invalid:(noun) too ill to live a normal life

  8. iridescent:(adjective) shining with shifting rainbow colors

  9. precariously:(adverb) in securely; in a dangerous way

  10. reiterate:(verb) to repeat